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Mythical Unicorn Xo Slot Game

Enter the kingdom of magic through XO slot games.

Mythical unicorn, xo slot game, it will take you into the magic kingdom full of young lucky palace pc angels. And most importantly, you will find wonderful animals that many people like, such as unicorn horses.

And has many reward functions, such as extended wild symbols, free spins and progressive jackpots with 40 pay lines, in which the reward rows are arranged more than 3 consecutively, from left to right. Of course, this xo slot game is beautifully designed, surrounded by scroll wheels with elegant frames, and the realistic symbols will attract fans of very popular magic and mystery slot types

Realize your dream with bright blue and purple flowers and let you experience the magic of wallpaper form. As well as game symbols. With this xo slot game, the minimum bonus will be a blue flower image, each betting round equals 5x, 12x or 20x. It stops on reels 3, 4 or 5 on any payment line, with a purple flower symbol.


White and orange, and the highest value flowers are filled with rainbows of various colors, paying 8 times, 20 times or 35 times the rainbow, respectively. The bigger and better prizes are awarded by green fairies with a value of up to 80 times, red hair The reward is up to 90 times, and the blue-eyed angel pays up to 100 times.


The best victory in the regular game is paid by the Mythical Unicorn logo. Rotating the wheel to the 3-line wheel of the pay line can win 30 times. Every 4 lines of xo slot games the bet is 80 times, and the value of all logo symbols is 200x.

In addition, this xo slot game has a free spin bonus which is very attractive. You will get this bonus when you spin 3 or more rainbow symbols in the valley. Immediately stop anywhere on shafts 2, 3 and 4. There are no special xo slot game symbols to play, or there are more chances to win prizes in the round, there are still several chances to win before the bonus game ends and the player returns. Rotary foundation.

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